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SharePoint 2016 Issues fix in November 2016 CU

In this article, we will list all the Issues which is fixed in this November 2016 CU. This Month MSFT released two versions of it, one include the Fixes for LPs and others don’t include the Fix for LPs.

Special thing about this CU is, Feature Pack 1 is part of this CU.

Feature Pack 1

Following new feature introduced in this pack.

  • Administrative Actions Logging
  • MinRole enhancements
  • SharePoint Custom Tiles
  • Hybrid Auditing (preview)
  • Hybrid Taxonomy (preview)
  • OneDrive API for SharePoint on-premises
  • OneDrive for Business modern experience (available to Software Assurance customers)

SharePoint 2016 Improvements

  • The time it took to patch and upgrade to the September 2016 and October 2016 public updates was much longer than usual. This has been fully fixed for the November 2016 public update by refactoring how we package the updates.

    If you haven’t installed the September 2016 or October 2016 public update, you can expect patching and upgrade to the November 2016 public update to take the same time as usual. If you have installed the September 2016 or October 2016 public update, you can expect patching to the November 2016 public updates to still take longer than usual as we convert the files installed by those updates into the new packaging format. As soon as that’s complete, you can expect patching to future public updates to take the same time as usual.

  • Improves performance when you use Content Search Web Part in Internet Explorer.
  • Updates translations of hashtag in Danish to make sure that the meaning is accurate in SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Translates some terms in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.
  • Enables query logging to record original query text.
  • Adds a new feature to allow recall to be excluded from the link update group of search indexes which may contain unrelated content based on your queries.
  • Search results aren’t ranked correctly for certain queries and result sets.

SharePoint 2016 fixes

  • URLs that are copied from a search result page are invalid if multiple consecutive white spaces are included.
  • The Alert Me link can’t be hidden through PowerShell.
  • Performance issue when you connect to a SharePoint Server 2010 Web Front End (WFE) server by using a SharePoint Server 2013 search backend.
  • If you add a custom search vertical on a SharePoint team site, the default search verticals, such as Everything and People, disappear from the search settings. Meanwhile, this update also adds the possibility of inheriting search verticals from the parent team site.
  • You can’t request or get refiners through a remote SharePoint search result source.
  • After you upgrade from SharePoint Server 2013 to SharePoint Server 2016, Excel Web Parts that are created in SharePoint Server 2013 can’t be loaded.
  • When you use Chinese taxonomy refiners to search items on a SharePoint Server 2016 site, the search appears broken.
  • When you select a refiner, incorrect recall occurs if the Search UI language and the document language are mismatching.
  • Managed account password change fails after you have KB3167679 and KB3177108 installed.
  • In certain circumstances, an error page is displayed when you browse to an ASPX page that has a code block, despite an appropriate PageParserPath element in the web.config file. The error message that resembles the following is logged to ULS:
    System.Web.HttpException: Code blocks are not allowed in this file.
  • If the search result source references the request URL, the sitemap generation fails for a SharePoint Publishing site collection (the Search Engine Sitemap job fails).
  • Self-assigned timesheet lines may display an incorrect TASKUID in the OData feed.
  • If the web.config file size is larger than 250 KB which is the default file size limit, the SharePoint farm can’t be visited because IIS doesn’t load the web.config file.

SharePoint 2016 Language Related Fixes.

  • Translate some terms in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.
  • Update translations of hashtag in Danish to make sure that the meaning is accurate for SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Translate field name of the custom app launcher tiles feature in multiple languages for SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Update branding names of SharePoint Server 2016 in multiple languages.


As we know, this Month MSft Release 2 CUs packages (one Include the LPs and Other No LP). As a recommended way, you should install both patches.

  • Patch with Language Packs  wssloc2016-kb3127942-fullfile-x64-glb.exe
  • Patch without Language Packs sts2016-kb3127940-fullfile-x64-glb.exe


  • To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 installed.

Restart information:

  • If during the Installation of the Updates Certain Component of the SharePoint is running, then it will ask you for the Restart the server. So its depend upon your server.

Schema Change:

  • This update will update the database schema so that’s mean schema will and Patch Version will be change. You will see the same Patch number and Build Number.

Patch Number:

  • 16.0.4456.1000


See Also:

Please check this Wiki for the SharePoint 2016 Build Numbers

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