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SharePoint 2016 Central Admin –System Settings – Configure Privacy Option

   Privacy Options (direct Link http://centraladmin-url/_admin/Privacy.aspx)

When you click on the Configure privacy options
Link, you will be landed on Privacy Options. This page will let you configure privacy options (Customer experience improvement program, Error Reporting and Help options) for the SharePoint Farm.

Using this page, we can configure the option whether we want to report any error directly to MSFT or participate in the customer experience program. Most of the time customer opt out this option when configuring the SharePoint production farm, but sometimes when participates in the product testing directly involving with product team then this may be a good option to select for submitting the feedback. You will also get the option to enabled the help from external websites.

Another thing keeps in mind, enabling these options may put some overhead on the servers, mostly related to performance, as this program collect the error data and generate a report then send to the vendor.

Following options will be available on the page.

Customer Experience Improvement program

Microsoft has designed this program almost all of its products so do they did for the SharePoint. Enabling this option allow Microsoft collect the data from the client computer / server anonymously and automatically. Microsoft collect the data related to server’s over all, and performance related to its installed products, collects the error from event log, overall health of software and much more. But this is only if you enable it. You can read about this program in detail on this link: Privacy Statement for the Microsoft® Customer Experience Improvement Program. By the way Microsoft recommend to participate in CEIP. Here are the two options under this heading.

  • Yes, I am willing to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (Recommended).
  • No, I don’t wish to participate.

Microsoft Error Reporting

In this option, if enabled, we are allowing Microsoft & its partner to collect the data every time an error occurred on the farm. Data report to Microsoft includes OS version, a health of the server, the hardware of the servers, Ip address of server as well as client information, errors from event log, etc. Microsoft strictly use this information to use to fix the issue with product and also for improvement but no use for the marketing purpose. Microsoft also ensue that data sent to him using encrypted format and stored in secure place. For complete terms & condition about the program please read this: Privacy Statement for the Microsoft Error Reporting Service. Following are options to configure the error reporting.

  • Collect server error reports.
    • Also, collect error reports from client machines running scripts from your SharePoint server.
    • Change your SharePoint server’s error collection policy to silently send all reports related to SharePoint. This changes the SharePoint server’s error reporting behavior to automatically send reports to Microsoft without prompting users when they log on.
  • Ignore errors and don’t collect information

External Web-Based Help

This options will let you decide whether you want to access the help from the external sources or just relying on the internal help. It is highly recommended to use external Web-Based help, this way you will get the updated help from your external sources as we believe they will updating the help topics on regular intervals. For this option, you have to make sure that internet connection available on the server to access the external sources. Here are the options:

Display Help from external Web sites as specified by each Help collection?

  • Yes (Recommended)
  • No

After selecting the appropriate options then click on OK.

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