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SharePoint 2016 : Blocked File Types

There are certain types of files that you cannot upload to a SharePoint list or a library. By default, SharePoint blocks these file types.

Another welcome change in the SharePoint 2016, they reduce the number  of blocked file types from previous versions of SharePoint. It is totally different than the SharePoint 2010 / 2013. In SharePoint 2013, By default, 105 file types that are blocked by default but in SharePoint this number goes all the way down to 6( see table below).


File Extension File Type
.ashx ASP.NET Web handler file. Web handlers are software modules that handle raw HTTP requests received by ASP.NET.
.asmx ASP.NET Web Services source file
.json JavaScript Object Notation file
.soap Simple Object Access Protocol file
.svc Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service file
.xamlx Visual Studio Workflow service file

Filenames that include braces (for example, filename.{doc}) are blocked automatically.


Variations of a file extension are also blocked. The following list shows different ways of representing the same file, all of which are blocked if the .hta extension is on the list of blocked file extensions.

  • filename.hta
  • filename.hta.
  • filename.hta.{3050F4D8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}
  • filename.hta::$DATA

You still can add, Remove the block file types either Central Admin or PowerShell.

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