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Clear out old orphan timer jobs

Just imagine this scenario, one day you step in office and noticed one of the server in your farm not responding and you remove ​that , fix the corruption( unistalling Sharepoint, reinstalling the OS and then Install the SP) and put the server back into the farm.

Now if you go to the Monitoring and noticed that few jobs are showing as running but no server name present over their.

yes, your guess is right, these timer jobs were running on bad server and when we remove the bad server for some reason these jobs become orphan.

Now the issue how should we clean this up.We tried different method.

1) try to recycle the timer Services on all server
2) try to recycle the Admin Services on all server
3) try to Disable and reenable the timer services
4) IIS reset
5) reboot server

Nothing works in our case.


Thanks to “Trevor Seward“, we able to solve the mystery.

Run this in powershell console on the CA server:

Wait for a min or 2, then run this one;


Now check on the central admin and it should be clear now.

If the time it returns is current, then run:

$job.DaysToKeepHistory = 7

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