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CSS File Type Issue with Blob Cache Sharepoint 2010

We have a unique type fo the issue with Sharepoint 2010 Blob Cache. we enabled the Blob Cache for and added following file types “gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp|png|css|js|pdf|doc”​. so when we edit the page, try to  update the content on article body field( which is publishing HTML field) from there we copy few lines to paste another field (which is also publishing HTML field). During this copy paste page got freeze and not allowing to do anything. at this point we have to refresh/F5 page to get out of this sitution.

We noticed this problem started right after enabling the Blob Cache. We tested differnt thing to fix the issue i.e reset IISreset changing the browser but no luck.


Finally, one thing fix the issue. Simply remove the CSS” file type from Blob Cache setting. like this

BlobCache location=”D:\blobCache\” path=”\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp|pngjs|pdf|doc)$” maxSize=”10″ enabled=”true” />

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