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Create New Site Collection

Use This Page to Create the Top-Level Site Collections.

There are Certain Pre-Requisite to create a site collection.

  • Web Application Under Which Site collection will be created
  • Title, description and Url of Site collection
  • Template which will be used
  • Primary and Secondary Site Collections Admin
  • Quota
Web Application
Select a web application. O

To create a new web application, go to New Web Application page.

Title and Description
Type a title and description for your new site. The title will be displayed on each page in the site.
Web Site Address
Specify the URL name and URL path to create a new site, or choose to create a site at a specific path. To add a new URL Path go to the Define Managed Paths page.
Template Selection
Primary Site Collection Administrator
Specify the administrator for this site collection. Only one user login can be provided; security groups are not supported.
Secondary Site Collection Administrator
Optionally specify a secondary site collection administrator. Only one user login can be provided; security groups are not supported.
Quota Template
Select a predefined quota template to limit resources used for this site collection.

To add a new quota template, go to the Manage Quota Templates page.

Here are Our Values

  • Web Application: http://kfsp:9101
  • Title and Description
    • Title: KrossFarm
    • Description:
  • Url: /Sites/KrossFarm
  • Template: Team Site
  • Primary Site Collection Admin: Krossfarm\waqas
  • Secondary Site Collection Admin: Krossfarm\kftest
  • Quota Template: No Quota

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