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View all site collections

To view All site collection in this farm.

This page will display all site collections from a web application at a time. Following Information will be displayed on this page

  • Url of Site collection
  • Title of Site Collection
  • Description of Site Collection
  • Primary Administrator
  • E-Mail Address of the Primary Admin( if it has)
  • Database Name

ByDefault this Page Display the Site collections from 1st web applications in the list( alphabetic order). Like this

If we want to check the Site collections from Other Web Application then Do the following step.

We want to check the Details of Krossfarm site collection of Team Webapp

  1. On right Hand Click on DropDown Arrow next to Web Applications and Click Change Web Application
  2. On this Page Select the Web Application(TeamWeb we select).
  3. Click On KrossFarm Site collections on left Side and You will see the Details on Right-hand side.

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