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SharePoint 2016 Build Numbers

As SharePoint Server, 2016 released on March 14, 2016. So I decide to try to track all the version numbers, Build number, and Issue list. Another thing, With the release of SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft discontinue the SharePoint Foundation Version and also stopped separate Project Server. Now, Everything includes the in the Base Bits. So one product fits for everything.

Finding your Build Number

To find the build version of the SharePoint farm using Windows PowerShell:

1. Open the SharePoint Management Shell

2. Type the following command:


Patch Terminology Reference

Build Number Table:

Please see the table below


Schema Version Build Number Schema Change LPs Release Compon
KB Download Link Issue Fixed
16.0.4327.1000 16.0.4351.1000 N/A  No RTM SP 16 RTM
16.0.4327.1000 16.0.4366.1000 No  No April 2016 CU SP 16 Kb2920721 April 2016 CU Link
16.0.4378.1000 16.0.4378.1000 Yes  No May 2016 CU SP & Proj 16 Kb3115088 May 2016 CU Link
16.0.4378.1000 16.0.4378.1000 Yes  Yes May 2016 CU SP & Proj 16 Kb2920690 May 2016 Cu +LP Link
16.0.4393.1000 16.0.4393.1000 Yes No June 2016CU SP & Proj 16 Kb3115181 June 2016 CU Link
16.0.4393.1000 16.0.4393.1000 Yes  Yes June 2016CU SP & Proj 16 Kb3115184 June 2016 CU+LP Link
16.0.4405.1000 16.0.4405.1000 Yes No July 2016Cu SP & Proj 16 Kb3115299 July 2016 CU
16.0.4405.1000 16.0.4405.1000 Yes Yes July 2016Cu SP & Proj 16 Kb3115304  July 2016 CU +LP
16.0.4417.1000 16.0.4417.1000 Yes No Aug 2016CU SP & Proj 16 Kb3115437 Aug 2016 CU
16.0.4417.1000 16.0.4417.1000 Yes Yes Aug 2016CU Sp & Proj 16 Kb3115441 Aug 2016 CU & Lp

Please read below the further explanation of each column.

  • Schema Version: This version number you will see from central admin( Home page or Going to Central admin > System Settings > Manager Server in Farm) or you can get the same from powerShell as well : (Get-SPFarm).BuildVersion
  • Build Number: Now on wards, MSFT is not changing the schema version with every CU as they change the practice so this number represent the patch level you are. You can get by going Central Admin > Upgrade and Migration > Check Product and patch Installation Status.
  • Schema Change: This column will tell if Schema get change or not for a specific CU
  • LPs: This column will tell if the CU include the Lanagague Pack fix or not.
  • Release: this Column will tell the Release month of the CU
  • Component: What SharePoint component this CU is far. Most probably it will be SharePoint 2016.
  • KB: Link to MSFT KB Articles
  • Download Link: Download Link for the CU
  • Issue Fixed: this will list all the Issues fixed in this CU.

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