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SharePoint 2016 Fast Site Creation via PowerShell (Real world examples)

SharePoint 2016 introduced a new feature called fast Site Collection creation. This feature was there since the Preview version of SharePoint 2016. This feature improves the site provisioning process, with this features now we can save time on provision a site collection. This is just copied operations at Content database level. With the help of this feature, we reduce the feature activation overhead.


Krossfarm having some issue with migration. After the troubleshooting they found it, FastSite collection creation causing a problem for the migration and it stopping it. So they want to remove and disable Fast Site creation for MySite. Also, they want to enable the Fast Site creation for Team site template for a specific web app.


  • Get the List of All Site collections template
  • Remove the SPSite master for the MySite template
  • Disable the FastSite Creation for MySite
  • Enable the FastSite Creation for Team Site
  • Create New SpSIte Master for team template.


Let’s get the list of Site Master Web Template enabled for the Fast Site Collection creation


Output will be like this, But this just gives us the Template ID

Now we want to get the SpSiteMaster for the MySite template. An important thing, we need a content Database name in which this SPSIteMaster is provisioned. We can get it from central admin by going to Central admin > application Management > view all site collection. Or you can below PowerShell.

$sp = Get-SPSite -Limit all | Where {$_.Url -Like “*Sitemaster*”}

The output will be like this:

Now we have the Content Database Name,Let run the below powerShell to Get the Spsite master

Get-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase “MySite_Content”

Output will be like this.


Now time to disable the Fast Site creation for MySite template.1st we have to remove the SPSiteMaster.

Remove-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase “MySite_ContentDB” -SiteId 43f58ec1-7f3c-4c36-844d-27fec849c827

we get the Content Database Name and SiteID from Previous Command.Output will be like this.

Now Disable the FastSiteCreation for MySite Template

Disable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster –Template SPSPERS#10

The output will be like this.

Awesome, we successfully disable the FastSite creation for the MySite template. Let’s move to next step, where we will enable the Fast Site creation for Team Template


To to enable the FastSite Creation for team web app, we have to enable it fist then create the SPSiter Master.

Enable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster -Template STS#0 -CompatibilityLevel 15

The output will be like this, You will see the STS#0 at the end of the list.

Now Create the SPSiteMaster for team template.

New-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase team_Content -Template STS#0
Get-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase “team_Content”

The output will be like this.

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