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Delete Site Collection

You are on the Delete Site Collection Page( Central Admin > Application management > Under Site Collections …Delete Site Collection)

After Click on the delete the Site collection, You will be Landed on the following Page.



On this Page, you have to select a Site collections which you want to Delete.

Note: Please make sure you have the Backup of the Site collection before deleting it so that in case you can restore it.

Please follow the Below steps to delete a site collection.

  1. Click on the Site Collections Drop Down and Click “Change Site Collection
  2. On this Page, Select the Site Collection which you want Delete. If Site collection is on this Page Select it and Proceed Step # 82016-07-03_00h02_56
  3. But if the Site collections from Different Web Applications then click on the Drop Down next to Web Applications and Select Change Web Application
  4. Now Select the Web App( TeamWeb in our case)2016-07-03_00h04_58
  5. In this Page, If Site collections listed Click on it and Proceed the Step # 8.otherwise Continue to next step2016-07-03_00h38_05
  6. If Site collection is not listed then search for it. You have to search with Short name, in the URL Search type the url I.e /ManagedPath/sitecollection in our case /sites/trust-test
  7. It will list the all site collection started from trust- and now Select the desired Site collection2016-07-03_00h41_30
  8. Now it will bring back on the main screen, Double check the Site collection name and Click Delete2016-07-03_00h42_47
  9. A warning Message will be pop up, give you another chance to review it before delete.If all Correct then Click.2016-07-03_00h43_14
  10. It will take time depending upon the size of site collection.2016-07-03_00h43_22
  11. On Successful Completion it will bring you back on this page.2016-07-03_00h43_39


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