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SharePoint 2016 Specify the Default Database Server

2016-07-04_01h00_33You are on the Default Database Server page(Central Admin > Application management > Under Database…Specify the default database server).

Use this page to set the default content database server.  When you extend new web applications, the content databases for those web applications are created on the default content database server unless you specify a different server. This database server will be used as default( unless you mention different) for all service application creation / creating new database etc.

Following Information required to change the Default Database Server.

  • Database Server Name: Name of the SQL Server
  • Account: Domain\user account which will use to connect the SQL Server. You can use SQL account as well but not recommended.
  • Password: Password of the provided account.

After entering the Required Information Click Ok.

Note: It is highly recommended don’t use the SQL authentication as there is the limitation of it.

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