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SharePoint 2016 Configure Service Application Associations

You are on the Service Application Associations page (Central Admin > Application management > Service Applications…Configure Service Application Associations)


Or sometimes you get this page.2016-07-16_02h20_23

In this article, we will try to guide you the steps how to change the Service Application associations with Application Proxy Groups Via Central Admin.



When you create a service application in SharePoint Server 2016, a service application connection is created. A service application connection is also referred to as an application proxy. A service application connection associates the service application to Web applications via membership in a service application connection group (also referred to as application proxy group).

If you create a new service application using the Central Admin, it automatically added to the default application proxy group. But if you use the powershell cmdlets to create a service application then you have to specify the Application Proxy group, it will not add in the default group.

For web applications, you can associate all to default Application proxy group or you can create a custom group for each web app as per your requirements.


You can do multiple things over here.

Change the web application’s Service Group Connection

  • If you click on the Web Application Name(TeamWeb) Under Web Application / Service Application.2016-07-16_02h56_43
  • You will land on Configure Service Application Associations Page2016-07-16_02h20_50
  • To change the association from drop down select Custom2016-07-16_02h22_19
  • On this page, now you have the option to Check the desired Service Applications. And Click OK2016-07-16_03h21_03
  • You can see that Mysite web application is still in “Default” Proxy group but Team Web Application is in Custom proxy Group.2016-07-16_03h08_14


Change the Service Applications for Default Group.

  • To change the service applications connections in default group, click on the default2016-07-16_02h19_60
  • On Configure Service Application Associations Page, please unselect the Service Applications which you don’t want in the default group ( We uncheck the KFMMS) and Click OK.2016-07-16_03h50_26
  • Now you will see that KFMMS is not part of the Default Application Proxy Group.2016-07-16_03h50_42


To Change the Service Applications Group for a Service Applications.

  • In case you want to create a custom group for a service application. Please select Service Applications from view drop Down then click on the Desired Service Application.2016-07-16_02h20_03
  • On this page select the custom from the DropDown2016-07-16_02h22_19
  • Select the desired service applications( KF-UPA) and click Ok.2016-07-16_03h21_15
  • You can see that KF-UPA Service is now part of Custom Application Proxy group.2016-07-16_03h22_35

This concludes the post, in this post, we learn how to change service application connections to a service application connection group in SharePoint Server 2016.



Add or remove service application connections from a web application in SharePoint Server 2016

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